My Sincere Apologies

I am awfully sorry for my lack of blogging over the last month. I have been getting terribly busy and overwhelmed and I am sorry. 

I shall never abandon my blog again (perhaps a slight exaggeration but I will do my best).

And to make up for my absence, here are some lovely photos of my trip to the zoo.

Please excuse the poor photography skills, I am working on improving and if you have any tips for me that'd be lovely!!

XO Samantha

Fill In The Blank Friday

1. One of life's most simple pleasures is sitting in the sunshine, feeling it's warmth and the happiness that it gives.

2. Allergies make me want to punch someone. 

3. I like love my best friend Alison because she understands me like no one else does and we can actually talk for hours and hours on end. It's freaky how much we have in common.

4. Moustache and jacuzzi are funny words. 

5. If I had to choose one beauty product to use for the rest of eternity it would be Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment. It's brilliant. And smells so, so good.

6. I'm happy that I had an amazing day with my friends (I will tell you about it later) and that I am back blogging. I have missed it oh-so-much but I am back!!

7. I would never want to miss out on moments like I had today. Some days can be bleak, friends can change, but moments like that make it all worth while (wow that was cheesy). 

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I hope you all have a lovely weekend!
XO Samantha