Picnic With Percy

The other day, we had our first touch of warm weather. It was sunny and 29 degrees, so my sister and I thought that we should celebrate the weather by going on a little picnic! Here are some photo's from our picnic!

Little Percy lying on a rug. He's cute like that.

My gorgeous sister.

Our feast. We had boiled eggs, turkish rolls and beetroot and tzatziki dip, strawberries, apples, kiwi fruit, sweet potato chips and peanut butter biscuits!

I made some peanut butter cookies from this recipe and they were amazing!

The cutest spoon!

Me and Perce enjoying our picnic.

Hope you have enjoyed our photos!


For so, so long now, I have been contemplating getting a fringe. Not only has it been constantly on my mind, but it has been constantly reiterated every time I see these pretty faces with perfect fringes.

I seriously adore Stef & Erin and their cute fringes.
Kate from Scathingly Brilliant. How cute is her headband?!?

Jules from The Life Of A Cupcake, is so cute too.

Katie from Skunkboy has a perfect little side fringe. And wow, that cape!!!!!

And Carmen from Cheeky Cheeky. So pretty. And I love her Kurt Cobain tattoo!!!!

I hope you like it!!

It's October!

Yay for October and for Spring and for the holiday season. I will be having a very busy month, with three weeks of placement, uni ending, exams, and life. And yes, I have put pens on my to do list. I know it's weird, but so am I!

What's on your to do list this month???