Love Letters ~ Things You'll Want To Keep

Hi guys,

So I have just recently, only today infact, come across an amazing new business: Love Letters ~ Things You'll Want To Keep! Although I may be a little biased as it is run by a close friend of mine, it is a fantastic little (but growing at an exponential rate) online store which you can find here which sells a range of handmade recycled goods. The maker/owner is also very, very buyer friendly as she happily makes on request and has very affordable prices!!! Feel free to go and have a quick look-see. This is some of what you'll be fortunate to find:

Phone/Gadget Padded Case

 Large Floral Bag
Small Patchwork Bag
Cozy Padded Hot-Waterbottle Cover

So feel free to visit her page (follow this link!) or even shoot her an email at!!!

XO Samantha

My First Ever Post


As I'm sure you can all tell, I am painfully new to this whole blogging world so hopefully anyone that happens to accidentally come across my page will bear with me as I learn the ropes.

As for my intentions; I have always liked the idea of writing a diary as I do love to babble on about just about anything however it never felt quite right, sitting down writing about my emotions and what not. Lately I have been obsessing over a couple of blogs which have caught my fancy, one of which being Young House Love and it has inspired me. This has given me the thought of writing my own blog since, as previously mentioned I do love to write and the idea of sharing my thoughts, experiences, items and ideas with anyone mad enough to listen.

So, all in all, I hope you enjoy what is to come as I know I will thoroughly enjoy telling it to you.

XO Samantha