52 in 2012 Recap!

At the beginning of 2012 I made a list of 52 things I wanted to complete in the year. Here's how I went with my list:

1. start my plans for starting my own business - plans made, purchases purchased and I am a little bit closer to my goal. 
2. get a new job in the meantime - managed to get myself three!!! 
3. start playing trombone again - haha, yes, i play trombone! - did start but stopped again. 
4. plan my trip to New York in 2013 - was changed to my trip to Thailand. 
5. save up for my trip to New York - saved up plenty, now being used in Thailand! 
6. improve my graphic design skills - I have done this, but not by a great amount. Definitely want to continue working on this one. 
7. improve my blogging - again, I have made some improvements, but need to make more!! 
8. send more mail - maybe even get me a penpal or two! - need to start in 2013! 
9. learn french 
10. learn more italian 
11. start uni - I started, and completed my first year. In a few weeks I will be starting my second!!! 
12. get fitter and healthier - ummm... 
13. start a new travelling scrapbook - do online versions count? 
14. read 30 books 
15. keep a clean work space - don't let the clutter overtake - I've definitely cleaned my workspace, although it wasn't kept clean! 
16. be more creative - write, draw and paint more - yep!! 
17. learn to crochet properly - yes!! Yay! I even taught my sister and sister in law how to! 
18. go on outings purely to take photos - haven't done this, but I have definitely taken lots and lots of photos. 
19. go camping at least once - nope, but I have plans, don't you worry! 
20. bake more 
 21. be more adventurous with my outfits - YES. I have definitely done this. Partially without even realising it. I am wearing more dresses than ever, which makes me very happy! 
22. plan my first tattoo - and my second and third. Now I need to do some saving! 
23. get my full drivers licence - yep!!! 
24. go to the beach more - yes. I even went on a holiday to the beach! 
25. set up my sowing machine - yes. And I made my nephew something for Christmas. (I'll post about this a bit later!) 
26. spend more time with my sister - I definitely have! 
27. go to at least one concert - I went to see Devo. They were awesome! 
28. go hiking at least once 
29. improve my HTML and CSS knowledge 
30. get to know blogger friends better - love these girls! 
31. put more effort into styling my hair - I certainly did. I even got bangs!
32. make a 2011 scrapbook 
33. make a Sydney scrapbook 
34. visit my friend who is moving to queensland 
35. complete a crafty project at least once a fortnight - this was possibly too ambitious, but I was certainly more creative this year!
36. take more photos - is there such a thing as too many??
37. go on a road trip to bondi 
38. spend more time outdoors 
39. have more girls nights with my bestie - completed!!!!
40. find a red wine i enjoy - I think it's best I give up on this one. I honestly hate red wine.
41. read more about ancient egypt 
42. spend more time exploring melbourne - definitely done this more, but would like to continue!
43. plan birthday and christmas presents early - I was waaay better this year. All of my gifts were well thought through and I think I only bought one thing from a shopping centre, the rest was handmade, bought at markets or boutiques or online. Such an improvement for me!!! 
44. have a brilliant going away party for my friend 
45. save more! - saved lots! 
46. go on a retro picnic - I did go on a retro-ish picnic with my sister and Percy!
47. host a blog giveaway - not yet, but I hope to do one this year!
48. have a tea party 
49. attend a dress up party and go all out 
50. complete a 30 photo challenge one month - I started quite a few but didn't make it very far! 
51. have a tarot card reading - not yet, but this will always be one of my goals.
52. spend one whole day doing nothing but reading - I have done this on more than one occasion!!   

How did you go with your 2012 goals?

Family Trip To The Sea

Last week, my family and I went down to the beach for a little holiday. We spent the week relaxing, going down to the beach, doing lots of op-shopping and playing games together. It was kind of perfect. Here are some pics from our trip:

Percy was also there. He likes wearing his little hat!

Our little photographer!!

My sister also wrote a wonderful post about our trip which you can read here.

Packing For Thailand

You might remember from this post, that I told you that I was going to Thailand! I am going for a month, and am leaving on Saturday!! It's so close and I am so very excited but have lots to do. I also have a lot of packing to do, so I thought I'd show you what I plan on taking with me!!!
1. Vintage dresses - similar to these from Modcloth - one, two, three.

2. Vintage suitcase - I have a lovely vintage yellow suitcase that I'll be taking. Here's one almost identical to mine.

3. Music - every trip needs some good tunes to get you through long flights, train and bus rides, especially since they are so often riddled with unsettling noise.

4. Books - another must have for every trip. These are three that I'll definitely be carrying with me, as well as a few more!

5. Camera bag - my lovely camera bag from Jo Totes fits everything perfectly and is so cute.

6. Vintage bathing costume - I have this one from Modcloth which is the perfect addition to warm weather, beach and a pair of cute vintage sunnies.

7. Camera - my little camera will also be coming with me so that I can take lots of photos for you to see!!!

What would you take along with you???

Christmas 2012

I absolutely love Christmas. I know some people say the holidays is when families argue and people get rather stressed, however my family is the exact opposite. We all love Christmas so much and really get into it. And we all love gift giving, possibly too much. Here are some photos of our Christmas!

My stack of presents from me. I may have gone overboard, but that's what we do.

My dog, Yahoo, loves Christmas too!

More stacks of presents!

Percy laughing at his grandma, uncle and aunty.

My brother and his gorgeous girlfriend, Sarah.

Me and Percy trying to take selfies. Not our best photo but it's a bit hard to hold a baby in one hand and a heavy DSLR in the other.

Our beautiful table!

My beautiful sister and her husband, Pete.
My cute nephew, Percy, and his dad!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

Only 11 Days Late

So guess what? It's 2013. Am I the only one that thinks that's insane??? My NYE was completely uneventful as I had actually forgotten that the year was coming to an end!!

My first 11 days of 2013 have been spent relaxing, going on a holiday to the beach with my family (more on that later!), and not much else. I think this has been perfect, as it has eased me into the new year and given me time to prepare for a really hectic few months!!

How have you spent the first few days of 2013??