Jam And Cream

Last week my sister took me to one of her favourite cafes, Jam And Cream! It has become one of my favourite places and I'll be going again soon! I honestly came close to tears when I ate their scones, they were sooooo good! They also have the cutest vintage decor!!! Some of their delicious food. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of what we ate because the minute it hit the table, we devoured it before even thinking about taking a photo. Their pretty counter filled with beautiful things! Some beautiful flowers sitting on our table. Beautiful vintage teacups and saucers! Even their floor is pretty!!!! My pretty sister! Out the back of the cafe, they have a pink vintage trailer! You can even sit in it and eat your afternoon tea! More gorgeous flower centrepieces! It was so wonderful, I definitely hope to go back real soon! Do you have any favourite cute cafes??
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Instagram Part V

Although these some of these photos are from quite a while ago, I thought I'd continue where I left off in post number 4!
My little nephew, at a very young age. He has changed so much, and is so cute!
Practicing injections at home. Don't judge me! / Working at the footy grand final!
Little Percy asleep / Relaxing and reading magazines.
Watching The Walking Dead! / I was a touch excited after passing my practical exam!
Some beautiful riverside relaxing! I love nature and Spring!
Me and Perce like to pull odd faces / My work bought me chocolate cake for my birthday!
I got my driving licence and was quite pleased with myself! / Changed hair colour, yet again!

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Just A Little Change

You may have noticed, or maybe not since I have no idea if anyone is still following my blog, that my blog has changed a wee bit. Well, I decided that I had had enough of Madness And I and that it was time for a change. It also has to do with a big project I am working on, which I will blog about soon. 

Bye bye Madness And I, and I look forward to whatever may come with Lola And Joy.