Oh my, was anyone else absolutely giddy about the new season of Mad Men starting yesterday??? I certainly was, and it absolutely lived up to my expectations. Here is just a glimmer of yesterdays episode, but as you can see, it is perfect already. With it's perfect plot, perfect sets, perfect costumes, it's just perfect!!!!!!

Did you catch the new episodes yesterday?
What do you think of them?


You might remember from this post, I went to Thailand earlier this year. I went for a month and had the most amazing time of my life. Honestly. Here are some pictures I took during my awesome time there. I had a hard time selecting only a few photos from the large amount I took, so I hope you enjoy!

I spent lots and lots of time at the markets in Thailand. The shopping there is so amazing and so very cheap. I will share some of my favourite finds soon!

I also went and visited the Women's Prison in Chiang Mai. It was really interesting, but also kind of confronting. They also have a rehabilitation project for the prisoners where they run a cafe and a massage parlour, where we had iced tea and full body massages!

More markets!

Elephants are all over Thailand, and they are the most beautiful creatures! I got to ride and feed some of them while I was there!

We visited the floating village in Phuket which was very cool and had amazing seafood restaurants!!!

There's me browsing through vintage dresses at another market in Bangkok. I honestly bought so many dresses at the amazing markets.

There's me again in the distance, searching through vintage bags!!

The view I had for a week, whilst staying in Koh Samet.

If I hadn't already made myself clear, I loved it so very much. Have you ever been to Thailand or on any other trips you loved??