Thrifty Finds

Here are some of my most recent thrifty finds!! Hope you like em!

A set of pretty floral cards!

This really cute frame with pressed flowers inside!

A cute pink, vintage ice cream scoop!

Some cute, never worn floral flats!

This really cute red spotty jug. It's actually a lot bigger than it looks here.

A cute vintage thermos (sorry about the bad photo).

Have you had any good finds lately??


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Im A Freaking Aunty

On Friday 24th of August, my beautiful sister Tarryn (who blogs over here), gave birth to this amazing little guy, my nephew, Percy Harold Carr. I actually love him already.

Here he is with his mum and dad, only about 12 hours old!

He poked his tongue out...

... so his mum did it right back!

Here is his at 1 week old!

Just sleeping!

Ohmygosh, look at those feet!!!
Here he is at four weeks old and I'm making him laugh.
He likes it when I tickle him and pull faces at him!!

Hope you have enjoyed these photos of my nephew. I'm sure you'll see many more, but if you would like to go looking for them, you can follow my lovely sister on instagram @tazcarr or read her blog!

New Bags!

Recently I bought some new bags to add to my expanding addiction from YesStyle. I love their styles and although the quality may not be so great, the prices are amazing!!!
Ohboy I love this bag. Not only does it have both cream and a peachy orange colour together, but it has a scalloped trim!!!!

It doesn't get any cuter!! Although, I can't decide whether it looks more like a fox or an owl!!

Have you made any good purchases lately???

Instagram Part IV

Sunshine showing signs of Spring! / Fantastic Mr. Fox!!!!
Relaxing morning / My first granny square!
Me holding my 1 day old nephew!!! / I love froyo!

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Instagram Part III

My beautiful polaroid!! / I drink too much coffee.
Trying to show you that I went to ROLLER DERBY!! / Blue polka dot shoes with cute bows!!
Hotdogs from the Snag Stand / Yummy korean noodles.
Bored at work / My pretty camera.
The best pumpkin and sweet potato soup! / I bought myself Photoshop!
Breakfast in bed / Two computer screens!!!
My colourful keyboard, which I love / Babysitting Ash's little boy!! So cute!

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