Love Letters ~ Things You'll Want To Keep

Hi guys,

So I have just recently, only today infact, come across an amazing new business: Love Letters ~ Things You'll Want To Keep! Although I may be a little biased as it is run by a close friend of mine, it is a fantastic little (but growing at an exponential rate) online store which you can find here which sells a range of handmade recycled goods. The maker/owner is also very, very buyer friendly as she happily makes on request and has very affordable prices!!! Feel free to go and have a quick look-see. This is some of what you'll be fortunate to find:

Phone/Gadget Padded Case

 Large Floral Bag
Small Patchwork Bag
Cozy Padded Hot-Waterbottle Cover

So feel free to visit her page (follow this link!) or even shoot her an email at!!!

XO Samantha

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