Favourite Thailand Finds

A few weeks ago I posted about my trip to Thailand and talked about the amazing time that I had there. Well now I thought I'd show you some of the amazing things I bought there. Seriously, if you didn't know it, Bangkok is one of the most amazing places to shop for clothing. This is only a very small percentage of what I bought there!!!
This gorgeous red vintage dress with the cutest collar. It has a a-line skirt when on!

Cute brown spotted dress.

Another red spotted beauty!

I love this dress. It has such a cute bright orange print and a really cute huge collar. I don't usually wear this colour or collars this big, but I love it and I have worn it many times already.

Cute brown floral vintage dress!

I love this dress! It has a really big circular skirt and I love the colours. It was designed and made by this cute Thai girl that she was selling at a market for a really good price!

Another cute brown dress with spots!

I love this bag!!!! I have a huge thing for bows and spots, and the colour is gorgeous too!

Another cute bag. In real life it's a bit more of a teal colour, not quite as blue.

Spots! Aargh!!

Cute bag with such a cute design. I loved the colour combo!

And yet another adorable bag.
I had such an awesome time shopping, and can't wait to go back!!!


  1. Everything is just amazing! Im sooo lucky to have been given some of the lovlies you found! Thankyou thankyou!!

  2. That teal bag is so adorable! I just love Thailand! It is one of the places I love going to for shopping. You can find a lot of really great pieces at such affordable prices. A friend of mine mentioned that she loves going shopping in Hong Kong because you can find a lot of really neat stuff at the night markets, I told her to wait till she visits Thailand, Bangkok because I am pretty sure she will forget all about Hong Kong. Hehehehe. =) Oh and the temples and Thailand are pretty amazing too!

  3. What a great time you must of had!! Such amazing finds. Thailand is definitely on my list of places to go now :)

  4. Oh my. These are so incredibly cute. I visited Thailand 2 years back and loved it so much!