2015, A New Year

I love creating a long list of goals, even if I never get through the whole list, it's nice to have something to work towards. New Years Day is the obvious choice to make a long list of goals and you have a whole year to work towards them. This year however, I have chosen to make only one goal:

To make a beautifully colourful, decorated and delightful year.

I have always had everything planned out in my life, always had a purpose, something I was working toward. This is my first year where I literally have no plans, and literally have no idea what my year will be. That's why I opted for a really simple goal, something I could achieve no matter what happens this year.

Have you made a long list of goals or do you have a couple of simple ones like me?

Ps. It's been a year since my last post. That's not too long right.... :)

1 comment:

  1. That's a perfect goal! Ones you can't fail are what life's about! And a whole year since your last one... You best change that! Xxxx