Fill In The Blank Friday

1. My current obsession is DSLR cameras. Yes, I know I am behind the rest of the blogging world, but I'm obsessed with my uncles nikon and I am saving my moolah to get one of my own!!

2. Photography, new friends, holidays, sunshine, going for bike rides, starting yoga and pilates with my sister, opening a new twitter account (@MadnessAndI), having only 5 weeks until I am finished with high school and my exams for the rest of my life, kiwi fruit, books, my Macbook Pro, my new Frankie diary and procrastination makes me happy. 

3. My greatest strength is my compassion for people, especially my family and friends. And possibly my generosity. Well, at least I'd say so.

4. My greatest strength is apparently my greatest weakness according to my psychologist.

5. My life is crazily hectic at the moment. I am in my final year of high school and I have 5 weeks till my exams which means I am doing nothing but studying which explains my prolonged absence from my precious blog.

6. In high school I was (still am) the kid that's not amazing at anything, but friends with everyone. Not one of the 'popular' kids, but still popular. I like being in this place. I am also the kid that's strangely mature and simultaneously immature, weird and crazy.

7. When I'm super tired I act super weird. I go through stages. At first I become sorta out of it, then I become really cranky, then I am strangely hyper, right before being so tired that I am actually falling asleep in my chair.

Hope you've enjoyed reading,
And have a FABULOUS weekend.

XO Samantha


  1. I am sure we would have been HS friends.

  2. You are so young! Good luck with your studying! And it's never too late to get a DSLR :)

  3. DSLR amazing is what that is :)I never seen someone go through so many stages when that tired! You got me beat lol! Have a great weekend...

  4. @little random happiness
    Yes I know! But trust me, if you were to meet me, you would have no idea how young I am. People are genuinely shocked when I tell them, and I certainly don't feel so young.
    And thank you. I'll do my best!

  5. @Ashleigh Nichole
    I am so so so excited to buy one! If you have any tips for a novice such as myself, please share!!!
    And yes, I do have a lot of stages, but I'm usually asleep before all this.