5 Facts Friday

Hi lovelies!!!
So it has been a few weeks since I have posted so I thought I would do a "5 Facts Friday" post on what has kept me busy lately.

1. I have just started uni and am studying a bachelor of nursing. It's only a week into my course and I am already swamped. It's so different from school so I have been busy trying to get the hang of it.

2. Following on from no. 2, I already have my first placement coming up and I have to get everything in order for that. That includes getting all relevant immunisations, blood test, police checks, equipment, uniform fittings, CPR certificate and more!!! There's so much to do!!!

3. I am an anaphylaxis and I had a bit of a reaction last week. Nothing major, so please don't fret,  but it did mean that I spent a fair amount of my night, and following day, in the hospital. Since it was the day before I started uni, I figured it was merely my "pre-placement"! I'm not sure what it was to this time, but I think it was these Korean chips I had. They were like normal crisps/cold chips/whatever you call them (or they are like flings if your South African) but they were banana flavoured. And they were extraordinary. And I would eat them again regardless of allergies!!!

4. I have an obsession with downloading. This sounds quite odd, but I just learnt how to torrent stuff. I don't know if that is a commonly known term, but oh boy, it should be. It means that all those tv shows that I never get round to watching because I am never home at the same time each week, or because they only show in America or because I love them so much that I feel it is silly to watch it on tv when I could watch it now... I can finally watch. It's so quick and free and easy and ad-free and brilliant.

5. I have a little puppy named Yahoo (who is in fact 7 years old but cute and small so she's still my puppy) and she has been sick so I've been spending sometime taking care of her.

- A photo of Yahoo when she was a puppy. Blurry but so cute!!

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