Fill In The Blank Friday

1. I started my blog because I found some other blogs by accident and began reading them and loved the idea of this world that is so lovely and friendly and inspiring and I just decided that I wanted to be a part of that. I also loved the idea of this new form of creativity. A place where I could write my thoughts (and I do like writing my thoughts!) and one where you design create and display your true self. I like the fact that in real life, personality sits beneath the surface until you begin to get to know a person, but in the blog world, it's all laid out for everyone to see and there is something so very honest about that.

2. One thing I love seeing on other blogs personal stuff that really shows insight to the writer, pretty things, inspiration!

3. Something I love about blogging I love the community. It is so unbelievable that such a large group of people can all have so much in common and be so unfathomably kind, caring and supportive.

4. A favourite blog post of mine is probably ooooh... goodness. I liked my one about learning to blog for myself.

5. Something my friends in real life know about me that I've never before mentioned on my blog is ... I guess there are lots of things. I'm not saying that I hide things or lie, but I guess all of us, when writing construct what's in our posts. It's the same for people in real life. I don't often share all of the really personal stuff unless I need someone to talk to or they ask or they're around when it happens. And often I forget what I have told and what I haven't. It's not intentional, I swear.  I guess also, I don't enjoy people feeling sorry for me when I'm really okay. But for now, one thing I've never mentioned on my blog is ... I cut my own hair. Is that juicy enough for you?

6. My new favourite blogs to read are currently : Cheeky Cheeky, Wake Up, Lovely, A Hopeless Notebook, and so many more that I just can't think of at the moment.

7. Some things I tend to avoid doing on my blog are  posting. Just kidding. Sort of. Negativity or posting things that I don't think anyone will be interesting in. But screw that! I will post what ever I want. Just read this post. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. What a wonderful post. Mind if I borrow?

    Followed, hope you don’t mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll visit me someday too.

  2. Hey, found you through the Fill in the blanks link up! I love the blog community too... glad to have found ya.

    1. Yay, thank you for visiting!
      And thanks, that's very sweet to hear!
      Have a lovely weekend!
      XO Samantha

  3. lovely blog girl & enjoy reading this. i have to agree with your number 2! :)

    Happy Friday

    1. Thanks Ashlyn!! So sweet of you!
      Thankyou. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
      XO Samantha

  4. I like the blogging community,enjoy every conversation!
    I'm following your blog, visit mine and return some love back if you like it :)

  5. yes! the blogging community rocks. it is so supportive and positive. love your answers xxx

  6. Thank you for participating in the blog hop! Wishing you much success in your bloggy endeavors! New follower :)


  7. Certainly!!!
    Thank you muchly. And thank you for following!!
    XO Samantha

  8. You're too funny! I think you have a great spunky attitude and excitement for life!

    I'm stopping by via the blog hop. It's so nice to meet you :) I'm a new follower.

    Lots of love,