My Saturday

Trying to find more Melbourne bloggers. So far I've found plenty but only one I love - Three Buttons. It's so cute, you should definitely check it out!!

Designing a new blog design. Bear in mind, this is a work in progress!!! There are too many code issues with my current design that I figured I should just start from scratch. Kinda contemplating just paying someone to design it for me. What do you think??

I am also looking for more jobs (even though I already have two!) as well as writing some blog posts for next week, and I have also played my trombone for the first time in years.

What are your plans for this wonderful day/weekend?

1 comment:

  1. I think the new design you're working in looks really pretty and clean, I like it :)

    Didn't really do much this weekend, except planting some flowers yesterday. I've also been studying, I have my final exams next weekend, and I'll work all week, so I tried to advance as much on the study as possible.