Package Exchange Part I

At the end of last year (yes, I am a tad late with this post!) I took part in a package exchange, organised by the wonderful Nadia of Cupcake Couture. She paired me up with the lovely Simone who blogs over at Roxies And Monies. We were so happy with the match up because we have so much in common and have become good friends. We have kept in contact every since, which isn't always the case for these sorts of things.

Here's what I sent her!!

I will posting what I received from her this time next week, so keep your eyes peeled!!


  1. I LOVE package exchanges of all kinds :) It's so delightful sending and receiving parcels and knowing they have travelled between you. She is surely going to love the amazing gifts you sent! And where oh where did you get that gorgeous strawberry paper?!

  2. This looks fabulous! Let me know when you hear of another one again! I got my pincushion from my pincushion swap! You should do it next time! xoxoxo