If You Could Travel Anywhere, Where Would You Choose?

My answer would be everywhere. I want to travel anywhere I can including: Sydney, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, London, Paris, Moscow, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Bahamas, Morocco, Italy & New York, just to name a few.

My desire to travel has recently be rekindled by the arrival of a book I bought online (oh my goodness, I love online shopping too much) called 'The Stylist’s Guide to NYC' by Sibella Court. I bought it merely liking the concept and not having much idea of what I would find when it finally arrived. But oh-my-goodness-me, it’s brilliant, to say the least. More than it being brilliant, wonderful, insightful and just-plain-gorgeous, it also makes me long to travel as much and as often as I possibly can.
Feel free to have a look at some of the wonderful pictures within, click here and if you feel like purchasing your own copy here is where I got mine. It has inspired me oh-so-much, I can't even begin to tell you.

Where would you like to travel to or have travelled to recently? Or perhaps you have found other wonderful travel books? If you care to share, I’d love to listen.

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