12 By 2012

I absolutely love making myself to-do lists, ones which I often do not end up completing so I was thrilled when I recently came across Danni's (from oh, hello friend) post about her 12 by 2012 project and decided to join in as I could definitely use some motivation to get things done instead of merely enjoying my freedom.

So here is my list of things to have completed by 2012:

1. Redesign MadnessAndI layout.     - done already but I can't tell you about it, it's a 

2. Do some Spring cleaning - appropriate considering it's Spring now!

 3. Abide by 3 by 7 - Rachel's running accountability

  4. Blog consistently - blog more often and make a blogging calendar

  5. Scan all family photos - there are random ones lying around all of our house so it's time to put them all together and keep safe!!

  6. Get a new job!

  7. Update my blog list - I have so many now that it's not possible to go through them all and I end up skipping and not enjoying it - must cut down!!!!

  8. Start a new travel scrapbook

  9. Buy a new camera and improve photography skills - ordered my camera!!!!

  10. Read a minimum of 12 books! - completed the Diary of Anne Frank!

  11. Set up my sowing corner and fix up a couple of items and make some Christmas presents     -  haven't fixed up my corner yet, but I have made some Christmas presents!

  12. Spend more time outside in the beautiful sunshine! - done plenty of this!

I hope you like my list, feel free to join in yourself here. I will keep you up to date each time I check off one of these boxes :)

XO Samantha


  1. this is a great idea, I think I should try it to get things done in time(:
    thanks for sharing.

    have a lovely day!

    Carmila Ponycat


  2. Very cute blog! And what a wonderful list! I especially love that last one :) Unfortunately I live in Alabama where the weather is a little gloomy this time of year, but still..it inspires me to go out and enjoy just the lovely fall/winter weather!

  3. @The Ponycats
    Yeah, great idea, but for some reason, still having trouble completing my list. I still have a couple weeks left at least :)

    Thanks for visiting
    XO Samantha

  4. @Karla Khodanian
    Thankyou muchly!
    I'm glad I've inspired you!
    And at least you know that in a few months you'll be able to start enjoying the sunshine again :)
    XO Samantha