52 in 2012 Recap!

At the beginning of 2012 I made a list of 52 things I wanted to complete in the year. Here's how I went with my list:

1. start my plans for starting my own business - plans made, purchases purchased and I am a little bit closer to my goal. 
2. get a new job in the meantime - managed to get myself three!!! 
3. start playing trombone again - haha, yes, i play trombone! - did start but stopped again. 
4. plan my trip to New York in 2013 - was changed to my trip to Thailand. 
5. save up for my trip to New York - saved up plenty, now being used in Thailand! 
6. improve my graphic design skills - I have done this, but not by a great amount. Definitely want to continue working on this one. 
7. improve my blogging - again, I have made some improvements, but need to make more!! 
8. send more mail - maybe even get me a penpal or two! - need to start in 2013! 
9. learn french 
10. learn more italian 
11. start uni - I started, and completed my first year. In a few weeks I will be starting my second!!! 
12. get fitter and healthier - ummm... 
13. start a new travelling scrapbook - do online versions count? 
14. read 30 books 
15. keep a clean work space - don't let the clutter overtake - I've definitely cleaned my workspace, although it wasn't kept clean! 
16. be more creative - write, draw and paint more - yep!! 
17. learn to crochet properly - yes!! Yay! I even taught my sister and sister in law how to! 
18. go on outings purely to take photos - haven't done this, but I have definitely taken lots and lots of photos. 
19. go camping at least once - nope, but I have plans, don't you worry! 
20. bake more 
 21. be more adventurous with my outfits - YES. I have definitely done this. Partially without even realising it. I am wearing more dresses than ever, which makes me very happy! 
22. plan my first tattoo - and my second and third. Now I need to do some saving! 
23. get my full drivers licence - yep!!! 
24. go to the beach more - yes. I even went on a holiday to the beach! 
25. set up my sowing machine - yes. And I made my nephew something for Christmas. (I'll post about this a bit later!) 
26. spend more time with my sister - I definitely have! 
27. go to at least one concert - I went to see Devo. They were awesome! 
28. go hiking at least once 
29. improve my HTML and CSS knowledge 
30. get to know blogger friends better - love these girls! 
31. put more effort into styling my hair - I certainly did. I even got bangs!
32. make a 2011 scrapbook 
33. make a Sydney scrapbook 
34. visit my friend who is moving to queensland 
35. complete a crafty project at least once a fortnight - this was possibly too ambitious, but I was certainly more creative this year!
36. take more photos - is there such a thing as too many??
37. go on a road trip to bondi 
38. spend more time outdoors 
39. have more girls nights with my bestie - completed!!!!
40. find a red wine i enjoy - I think it's best I give up on this one. I honestly hate red wine.
41. read more about ancient egypt 
42. spend more time exploring melbourne - definitely done this more, but would like to continue!
43. plan birthday and christmas presents early - I was waaay better this year. All of my gifts were well thought through and I think I only bought one thing from a shopping centre, the rest was handmade, bought at markets or boutiques or online. Such an improvement for me!!! 
44. have a brilliant going away party for my friend 
45. save more! - saved lots! 
46. go on a retro picnic - I did go on a retro-ish picnic with my sister and Percy!
47. host a blog giveaway - not yet, but I hope to do one this year!
48. have a tea party 
49. attend a dress up party and go all out 
50. complete a 30 photo challenge one month - I started quite a few but didn't make it very far! 
51. have a tarot card reading - not yet, but this will always be one of my goals.
52. spend one whole day doing nothing but reading - I have done this on more than one occasion!!   

How did you go with your 2012 goals?

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