Christmas 2012

I absolutely love Christmas. I know some people say the holidays is when families argue and people get rather stressed, however my family is the exact opposite. We all love Christmas so much and really get into it. And we all love gift giving, possibly too much. Here are some photos of our Christmas!

My stack of presents from me. I may have gone overboard, but that's what we do.

My dog, Yahoo, loves Christmas too!

More stacks of presents!

Percy laughing at his grandma, uncle and aunty.

My brother and his gorgeous girlfriend, Sarah.

Me and Percy trying to take selfies. Not our best photo but it's a bit hard to hold a baby in one hand and a heavy DSLR in the other.

Our beautiful table!

My beautiful sister and her husband, Pete.
My cute nephew, Percy, and his dad!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!


  1. You are blessed to not have that strife during holidays. It all looks so happy in the pictures.

    1. Thank you. We really are. It's the most lovely time of year for us!
      XO Samantha

  2. chose a photo of me where my glasses were broken and falling off my face! Besides that, this is lovely!

    1. I know, sorry! But I figured, you still look really pretty and you only really notice it when you're looking for it. Thanks taz.