Packing For Thailand

You might remember from this post, that I told you that I was going to Thailand! I am going for a month, and am leaving on Saturday!! It's so close and I am so very excited but have lots to do. I also have a lot of packing to do, so I thought I'd show you what I plan on taking with me!!!
1. Vintage dresses - similar to these from Modcloth - one, two, three.

2. Vintage suitcase - I have a lovely vintage yellow suitcase that I'll be taking. Here's one almost identical to mine.

3. Music - every trip needs some good tunes to get you through long flights, train and bus rides, especially since they are so often riddled with unsettling noise.

4. Books - another must have for every trip. These are three that I'll definitely be carrying with me, as well as a few more!

5. Camera bag - my lovely camera bag from Jo Totes fits everything perfectly and is so cute.

6. Vintage bathing costume - I have this one from Modcloth which is the perfect addition to warm weather, beach and a pair of cute vintage sunnies.

7. Camera - my little camera will also be coming with me so that I can take lots of photos for you to see!!!

What would you take along with you???


  1. Those dresses are soo cute! And hooray for the bathers! Have fun on your trip. We will miss you but look forward to the photos and seeing what you bought when you get back! xoxoxox