Fill In The Blank Friday

1. The most selfless thing I've ever done was ummm.... I honestly don't know how to answer this question. I don't think I have ever done one huge thing that was selfless, although I like to think I do small acts of selflessness each day. I do try to be a bit selfless.

2. When it comes to working out I dislike. I love sports and exercising but as soon as it's for the purpose of actually working out, my brain just turns it into a horrible, impossible task.

3. A woman should always believe in herself and try not to worry about any flaws. I may be little hypocritical in saying this, but I am sick of every woman I talk to worrying about some small insignificant detail. I can not fathom why they do not see the beauty that I see.

4. I wish I could have infinite time and then I'd be able to do all the things that I plan to do but can never find the time to actually do.

5. A best friend is someone that is there for you and knows everything about you. It also helps if they like a lot of the same stuff as you to ensure endless amounts of talking and laughing.

6. I can't get enough of this weather. I can't wait for summer to arrive, but spring is pretty lovely at the moment.

7. This weekend I am studying like a crazy person, stressing about my upcoming exams and maybe doing some shopping to plan for next week. I will show you photos hopefully :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

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XO Samantha


  1. It's Fall here and winter is rapidly approaching! Yikes!

    Hope you have a Happy Friday!

  2. Good luck on your exams!! Hopefully spring will stay around for you, we're just getting into fall! It's wonderful!

  3. Good luck on your exams! Couldn't agree more with your #3. So happy to have found your sweet blog!

  4. @brlracincwgrl
    oh wow. i hope your winter is a bit better than mine. here in melbourne its just rainy and miserable.

    and thankyou. you too!!! thanks for visiting!

  5. @Katie
    thankyou muchly!!! ooh, i hope so too. its so beautiful. i love fall too though so hope youre enjoying it :)

  6. @Texas Tanners
    thankyou!! i will do my best.
    and im glad you agree with me!!!
    thankyou for visiting!!!!

  7. It is Fall here which is pretty nice however Winter is approaching all too fast & Winter is not so nice... I wish we could skip Winter here & head straight into Spring :)have a good weekend!

  8. I'm with you on #4...there's never enough time! Hope your exams went well :)

    Btw, I've passed on the Versatile Blog award to you today. Thank you so much for all your fun posts!

  9. @Ashleigh Nichole
    Yeah, Fall does look truly beautiful in the US.
    Oh I wish that too. Winter sucks.
    I hope you're having a good weekend too!!
    XO Samantha

  10. @little random happiness
    You're right. I wouldnt mind having access to a DeLorean time machine.

    And thankyou so much for the award, that was so so kind of you!!!
    XO Samantha