Weekly Wednesday Wackiness

Currently I am...

Entertainment: Scrubs, Hart of Dixie, New Girl, Pan Am and Gilmore Girls.
Eating: lots of fruits, I really, really rather love fruit.
Excited About: the conclusion of my high school years, and buying a new camera. Oh, and summer!!!! Ooooh, and my best friend's birthday. I have got quite the present planned for her but I will tell you all about it tomorrow!
Enjoying: spending time with some new friends, the warmer weather, blogging, reading some awesome new blogs I've found.
Experiencing: the pain of studying. 

How about you?


  1. oh my gosh Pan Am...the clothes are sooo awesome. I seriously cannot get over it. I may or may not have drooled a little when I watched it.
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  2. Oh I know. And I wish air stewardesses were like that now!!!

  3. I'm watching Pan Am, too ;). I really like it. I haven't given Hart of Dixie a try yet.

    And, oh, you're so lucky to be in spring! I so hate cold weather! :/

  4. @Miki's scrapbook
    I have actually gotten to the point where I think I have a slight obsession. I love everything about Pan Am!!!

    Oh, I hate cold weather too, but here in Melbourne, seasons arent really definite so its been raining and cold lately :(