52 in 2012

So I got this wonderful idea from Ashley from After Nine To Five about her goals for 2012 and thought that it would be the absolute perfect way to get everything I want from 2012 and keep track of all the things I want to do in 2012.

This also coincides with my New Years resolution: to make the most of my life. Read about it here!

SO here are my 52 goals to be completed in 2012!!!!!

via A Beautiful Mess
  1. start my plans for starting my own business
  2. get a new job in the meantime
  3. start playing trombone again - haha, yes, i play trombone!
  4. plan my trip to New York in 2013
  5. save up for my trip to New York
  6. improve my graphic design skills
  7. improve my blogging
  8. send more mail - maybe even get me a penpal or two!
  9. learn french
  10. learn more italian
  11. start uni 
  12. get fitter and healthier
  13. start a new travelling scrapbook
  14. read 30 books
  15. keep a clean work space - don't let the clutter overtake
  16. be more creative - write, draw and paint more
  17. learn to crochet properly
  18. go on outings purely to take photos
  19. go camping at least once
  20. bake more
  21. be more adventurous with my outfits
  22. plan my first tattoo
  23. get my full drivers licence
  24. go to the beach more
  25. set up my sowing machine
  26. spend more time with my sister
  27. go to at least one concert
  28. go hiking at least once
  29. improve my HTML and CSS knowledge
  30. get to know blogger friends better - love these girls!
  31. put more effort into styling my hair
  32. make a 2011 scrapbook
  33. make a Sydney scrapbook
  34. visit my friend who is moving to queensland
  35. complete a crafty project at least once a fortnight
  36. take more photos
  37. go on a road trip to bondi
  38. spend more time outdoors
  39. have more girls nights with my bestie
  40. find a red wine i enjoy
  41. read more about ancient egypt
  42. spend more time exploring melbourne
  43. plan birthday and christmas presents early
  44. have a brilliant going away party for my friend
  45. save more!
  46. go on a retro picnic 
  47. host a blog giveaway
  48. have a tea party
  49. attend a dress up party and go all out
  50. complete a 30 photo challenge one month
  51. have a tarot card reading
  52. spend one whole day doing nothing but reading
Wow. This has actually been very hard to sit down and think of, and I'm sure it'll be a challenge to complete, but boy, I am so hugely excited for this year. Just looking at my list inspires me to make the most of it!

I will keep you informed of my progress throughout the year. And I think I will possibly give myself a reward if I complete it all.

Happy New Year to all.
XO Samantha

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  1. I love the idea of a retro picnic! My list is full of tangible things as well, something I think will make it more real for both of us.

    Your blog redesign looks amazing. Can't say I know what it looked like before, but I really like it right now! I especially love the cursive font for the titles. I must learn how to do that!