I'm Starting Again!

The blog world is a very inspirations place and I love coming across posts that I am able to connect with, that motivate me to be a better person and a better blogger!

Here are some posts I have found recently and some of my thoughts towards them:

I recently came across a new (to me) blog by Meredith and more specifically, her series on blogging for confidence, and it inspired me!

Although I would usually consider myself a fairly confident person, I realised that this is not always the case. I realised that there are a couple of ways I can improve my confidence to be able to improve my blogging. 

1. Be confident when it comes to taking photographs in public. This is stopping me from taking photos of the things that interest me, which limits what I have available to share!

2. Be confident when it comes to my writing and my posts. Stop worrying about whether or not people will like what I have to say!

Another blog which has been one of my favourites for a while is Creative Comforts. I was reading through their archive and came across a blogging guide by Ez. There was one particular tip that stood out to me:

" Find the thing or things tat make you tick and let the blog world know. Shout it from the rooftops, parade it in the streets! "

This is a personal blog. It is a piece of me. I shall no longer be concerned about others and what they think (not in a mean, I'm-going-to-go-around-insulting-people way) and I will come out of the little blogging shell I have begun to create.

Be prepared for more posts about the things I love. If you're wondering what to expect, I love retro stuff, crafty stuff, travel, adventures and decorating and I shall be parading it in the (blogging, online, virtual) streets.

I hope you like what I have to say, if not, well, that's just too damn bad!


  1. Blogging for YOU is vital. I'm glad you found your voice girl ;)

    1. Thank you muchly!
      And thank you for visiting!
      XO Samantha