Are You A Morning, Afternoon or Evening Person?

Sooo, someone recently asked me whether I was a morning, afternoon or evening person. At the time, I was unable to answer her as it just seemed like far too hard a decision to make. However, today's Fill In The Blank Friday had the same question on it, so I thought I'd take a crack at it.

My Answer: I would have to say all three. Yep, I sound crazy and I still haven't really answered the question, but truth be told, I have begun to really, truly enjoy them all. Here's what I love:

Early mornings: when the whole world is peaceful, the sun coming up, yummy breakfast and brunch foods, coffee (not that there's a bad time for coffee), slow, unagitated traffic, being able to have a slow start to the day, sitting around reading the paper and preparing for the day ahead, having breakfast in bed on weekend mornings.
How much would you LOVE to be waking up to this bedroom?

Afternoon: summer afternoons going to the beach and swimming, afternoon tea parties, the way the sun streams in through the windows which I find is the perfect time for reading in a comfy armchair, coming home from work/school/life and unwinding, afternoon bike rides, and, this is a weird one but I really like doing laundry at this time of the day.

Evening: when life becomes vibrant, putting on heels and a fancy dress and going out, colourful lights and beautiful cities, perfect time for watching movies cuddled up on the couch, dinner parties, the only good time to watch horror movies, deserts :), walking along the beach at night, and another weird one but I prefer cleaning later in the day, preferably with music blasting.

So are you a morning, afternoon or evening person and why???


  1. i'm definitely an evening person. :) i am such a grouch in the morning! haha

  2. Your day sounds perfect...

    I still can't decide if I am a morning, afternoon or night person! :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. Hi Samantha :)

    Thankyou for following my blog and your blog is adorable. I loved reading through your posts and looking at the pictures. I will have to try the rocky road it looks so yummy!!

    I am definately all three (morning, afternoon and night) however it depends on the season. I love winter mornings when i'm home as i can lay in bed snuggled under blankets and listen to the wind and rain outside, spring in the afternoon cause its the perfect weather and it's still light outside and summer at night for the dresses, heels and cocktails.


  4. Richelle Jean: Oh yes, I didn't mention that I'm horrible if I don't get my sleep!

    Addie: Haha, yes, I would love my days to be all exactly like this, too bad work and school gets in the way. Oh and the weather also tends to get in the way!

    Ally: No problem! Your blog is so cute, I love reading it!! Yes, you must. It's so easy and was an instant hit with all of my friends and family!
    Yeah, it definitely changes season to season. Ah, all of those things sound perfect. Thanks for sharing!