Christmas Joy

I know what you're thinking: Christmas isn't for quite some time, what on earth could I be talking about? Weeeelll, in my family, we like to celebrate, we go celebration crazy, dancing round to Kool & The Gang (okay, maybe I'm the only one doing the dancing). So this year we decided to have a little family Christmas In July gathering at my Aunty's house.

It was a lovely, lovely day and we even had a little Kris Kringle. I got my brother and gave him a huge bag full of South African lollies, chips, droewors, biscuits and chocolates. Yes, this doesn't sound like a great gift but my brother is insanely fussy and hard to shop for so in actual fact, this was his ideal present. My brother-in-law gave me (I was his KK) Harry Potter Part 1 DVD and a block of caramel Lindt chocolate and it was honestly the best present. I came home put on the movie, crawled under a blanket and ate chocolate. Yay.

Did anyone else happen to celebrate Christmas in July this year or are you planning to do so?

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