I Want To Ride My Bicycle

Am I the only one that immediately heard Queen - I Want To Ride My Bicycle when reading the title?

Lately, I've longed to go for a bike ride. Problem being that I find myself without a bicycle. That makes it a little bit more difficult. Fortunately though, the weather here is so yucky that it would not be enjoyable. Perhaps by the time spring comes, I will have acquired a bicycle of my own??

Damn you winter!

Besides hating the cold, I am currently:
Reading: Year Of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks
Watching: The beginning of Charmed (not my best choice but I used to love it) and Will&Grace (ohmygosh, so addictive, I love it!!!)
Listening: Billie Holiday (man! she is amazing) & The Rolling Stones
Loving: being on holidays!
Wanting: to move out of home desperately, if only I could afford to do so!!

What are you doing/thinking/loving/etc. currently????

XO Samantha


  1. I used to love riding my bicycle during my teenage years. Then one day someone stole it. So bye bye to my cute pink bicycle.

  2. What?! That's horrible! I had my bike stolen when I was little also. People suck!

  3. Haha yeah, I heard Queen too the second I saw it.
    And I'm a huge Billie Holiday fan as well:)

    You have a very cute blog<3

  4. Blue Eyed Night Owl:
    Yay! I also saw on your profile that you like Jimi Hendrix, Jack Johnson, Ella Fitzgerald and the Andrew Sisters. I very much approve. I love them all too!!!

    And thankyou muchly. I am very new at this and learning as I go. I'm very, very glad you like it!!!!