Fill In The Blank Friday

1. My favourite colour is   all of them. I know this sounds completely lame, but I just love colours. I have actually come to love them all. Pink and brown are still a little iffy for me, but aside from that, I LOVE colours. They make me happy. Short answer: My favourite colour is colour.

2. My travel destination of choice is   wow. There are too many to choose from. At the moment I desperately want to go to New York City, but I would travel anywhere if I had the opportunity to do so.

New York City!!! Pic found here.

3. My favourite food is   chocolate, followed closely by bread. Though not together. But yum. I am also beginning to love macaroons. So much. So so much. I think in fact that they have overtaken bread. Oh yeah, they're that good.

4. My happy place is   anywhere where I can take a book and music. Somewhere near a beach/pool/river/lake is also preferable.

5. My favourite saying is   "C'est la vie" meaning such is life. I know this is rather cliche however I always find myself in stressful situations and as soon as this pops into my head, I feel an instant relief. 

6. My dirty little secret is   I love watching stupid girly romance movies even though they would usually make me gag, I use way more scoops of milo than recommended and I'm a tad obsessive compulsive but I'm also lazy so I hide it quite well.

7. Something friends might say about me is that I     am a little bit crazy, a little bit quirky, listen to music a little to often and that I am (hopefully) a fun and caring friend. Well, at least I'd like to think so.

If you too want to join in, click here.

I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend.
XO Samantha


  1. Love love LOVE New York City!! I only live about an hour from there, so I feel really lucky that I am able to go whenever my little heart desires!

  2. @Love and Lilly Wow. So lucky. I live all the way in Australia so it's going to take quite some saving up before I get my chance to visit!

  3. I love watching stupid girly movies! Although there is a line that can be crossed. Also, you can never listen to too much music. Looking forward to reading your blog xo

  4. @Jillian Oh I completely agree, it's always a good time for music, but I'm not sure my friends are quite as obsessed as me. Thankyou very much, I hope you see something you like. And I always enjoy thought, ideas, praise or constructive criticism.

  5. looking through your blog and I think we were the perfect match for the package project. I also wanna go to New York City (like really bad- I have so many items with NY on that you would think I actually have visited the place :-) _ imagine all the photos you could take and just getting inspired :-)

  6. sammie, choc and bread can work! put pieces of choc between two pieces of buttered on the outside bread, and toast in a toasted sandwich maker or use an iron! It is amazing!!!