My Baby - Lucy

I can't believe it's taken me this long to tell you all this, but a few weeks ago I bought myself a new baby. Wow that was a weird sentence but don't be alarmed, my baby, Lucy, is in fact a laptop. A shiny, brand new, still has that awesome factory smell (I mentioned this to the guy at the store and he just stared at me) MacBook Pro.

I felt as though it was time for an upgrade as my old laptop was barely turning on these days, so I did some internet research, talked to some friends and decided to drive to Chadstone and visit the Apple Store. Oh-my-deary-me! From the outside it appears to be just a regular store, perhaps a little pretentious, but nothing special. Boy, was I wrong! The whole place is like some freaky, wonderful adventure park, jam packed with all sorts of technology that isn't even available to be bought. It was a technology haven.

Aaand, the guy helping me was just so nice, I bought my lovely Lucy that day. What excited me most, besides the fabulous new machine I was bringing home with me, was that the helper dude (it was a while ago, I apologise but I have forgotten his name, he was kinda cute though) just typed in a few things on one of the display laptops and then some other dude just randomly comes and brings out the box from the magical wonderland behind the store. Talk about amazing! (or perhaps I'm the only one weird enough to find that amazing?)

It is in fact my first ever Mac, and at first I was a tad worried about converting, but after spending the whole afternoon and many days after that figuring it out and learning about it's wonderful features, I have fallen in love with it. It's just amazing!

And that's the story of how I came to be typing to you all on my wonderful Lucy.

Another exciting part of my day: Weeelll... Once I had visited the store and was in the 'ooh, do I buy it now as I know I really do want to OR maybe I should wait, it is the practical thing to do' mindset, I decided to do all my decision making at the Lindt store. Oh my, possibly just as magical as the Apple store! This was where I had my first-ever macaron.

I'm fairly certain it wasn't just me that had noticed the craze, so I felt it was prudent that I tried one. The photo is of a salted caramel macaron, and it truly changed my life it was soo good. So much so that I've even posted about a recipe for them here, purposefully gone out of my way just to enjoy such a treat and has spent many, many hours looking for a good salted caramel recipe.

And I'm fairly certain that it was the magnificent macaron alone which helped in my laptop purchase decision making. Yep, what else could it be?

Do you perhaps a macaron recipe you're willing to share? Please, please hand it over!

Xo Samantha


  1. I am so envious, how i would love a MacBook. Dreaming.... Salted caramel YUM!

  2. never did gave a name to my Mac laptop but I dearly love using it and thinking of getting the newer models. darn those Apple people, they keep making better and better gadgets that I don't have the money for.

    you sound like you like the Mac alot. for me, I've never warmed up to any Windows machine and never will. Macs for me all the way.

    thanks for following my blog and have a lovely day.

  3. amberlee: oh, my purse still hasn't recovered, but it was definitely a good decision I think.

    lissa: yeah, I tend to name random things, I'm a bit weird that way! Oh, I know! I'm fairly certain that in just a few weeks, I no longer have the newest version as they come up with new things too quickly. It's so frustrating!
    Yep, I've definitely been converted!
    You too!!!