Extreme Excitement

Oh my! I cannot believe that for those of us living this side of the world, that spring is very, very, very near. I am extremely thankful to Ally from All Things Sweet as she has brought to my attention that spring is only a month away. A month! Oh I just cannot wait!

This spring I plan on/look forward to:

  - buying and wearing new dresses and shoes

  - sitting outside and reading and enjoying the surroundings

  - being able to start swimming in my pool again, oh how I miss swimming

  - outdoor dinner parties, I plan to have as many of these as humanly possible

  - finishing school - yes, this also means that there will be a heck load of studying and stress, worry, concern, pain, blood, sweat and tears (okay, I exaggerate a tad) but as of Tuesday 8th November at 5:15pm I will be done with year 12. Huzzah.

  - a small holiday with some friends from school down to the beach, celebrating the completion of school - you will get much info on this further down the line including many photos and details of the trip, you've been warned

 - going for bike rides (my sister, lovely lady that she is, has given me a pretty bicycle that needs some fixing but will hopefully but up and running riding by the time spring comes)

 - spring cleaning - I do love cleaning and I feel that it's time to have a spring cleaning and doing it during Spring is just an added bonus

 - and doing many of the things that I talked about in this post

What are your plans for the upcoming Spring?
XO Samantha

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