Family Fun

Last night my sister, my brother-in-law and I went out for dinner to a Vietnamese restaurant. It was absolutely amazing, so much so that I feel the need to learn how to make Vietnamese cuisine! So if anyone has any recipes or advice, feel free to share.

For desert we had fried ice-cream, something which I have never tried before. It was delish.

And it tasted even better than it looks! So, so good!

Hope everyone is having as good a week as I am, and to end of this post, here's a picture of my little dog - Yahoo (yes, that is her name!!!)

Xo Samantha


  1. Hi Samantha (I'm pretty good at rambling...if you didn't already know!)
    Firstly, thank you for following my blog...I've enjoyed having a look at yours too...that fried ice-cream looks delish (I haven't tried it yet either, but I'm going to now!)
    Yahoo is a cutie x
    I love your etsy picks, especially the polaroid print and that mountain collage is beautiful. I'd love to see what you come up with if you do decide to make your own.
    Anyway, I think that's enough rambling (for now!) Take care x

  2. Kylie: no problem, I LOVE your blog!
    Oh my, it really was. You have to try it ASAP.
    I will definitely post all about it, if I manage to pull it off.
    Hahahah, well thankyou for rambling, I look forward to reading more of your rambles in the future. XO