Weekend Adventures

I don't know about you guys, but I have had an lovely weekend.

Saturday morning I drove down to Ikea and had breakfast with my family. I love Ikea so much that it was a wonder that I purchased very little, however, I did spend hours and hours wandering and thinking up ideas of what to buy when I have money, space and a home of my own perhaps. And is it just me or is Ikea baby central?

I did however find this adorable table that I very much want to buy!!! (Sorry about the dodgy phone photo).

On Saturday night I went to my friend's house for dinner where we ate random Romanian food, watching Amelie (I loved it!), contemplated the complexities of life (yes, it was an intense night) and make a chocolate cake for her family. I don't have a photo of our creation, and that's probably a good thing, seeing as it definitely was not pretty. Delicious, yes, but hideous.

Sunday morning was spent sleeping in, having a lazy morning filled with lots of coffee,  watching Gilmore Girls (I have watched this way too much, I think I know the episodes off by heart) and attempting some much needed studying.

Later on my darling sister and her husband came round and we enjoyed lots of coffee and cake and talked about baby names (a bit of a random topic seeing as neither of us are pregnant, however I think she's starting to think about it!!!) They have just left and I am now set to have a quiet, early night in preparation for the hectic week that lies ahead.

So how was your weekend?


  1. that sounds like a lovely weekend. i still have never been to ikea, but hopefully someday! although it's probably a good thing, i have a feeling i could go crazy in there! amelie is such a wonderful movie and chit chat with friends is always good!

  2. Brynna: Oh its wonderful. You must go, you can find some really nice pieces. Go at night though, way less people. Downside = a lot of the furniture is made with some sort of layer of veneer which is more durable, but it means you can't ever paint over the furniture.

    Oh I whole heartedly concur. It was soo good and exactly what I felt like doing.