So my day has been extremely eventful, but first...

I love desserts. So here's some recipes that I've found which look soooo so good.

And in other news...
On Tuesday afternoon I went and got my hair cut and dyed. I have never had it dyed at a salon before so this was quite the treat. And, I have to say I rather love my hair. It's a brilliant shade of dark brown with a hint of red which makes it look real pretty in the light.

Problem: I think I may be allergic to the hair dye they used. It might not be due to the hair dye, however, this morning whilst I was eating a yummy breakfast, watching Gilmore Girls and drinking my third cup of coffee for the day (I really, really, really love coffee) when I started to have difficulty breathing. Thought it was asthma, didn't think about it. My throat started to hurt, thought I was merely getting a cold, lay down and tried to sleep it off. Didn't work. Started to get annoyed at my skin and how itchy it was. Walked to the bathroom and realised my lips and whole face was extremely swollen and all (oh yes, all) of my skin had turned red and blotchy. So, called the ambulance and had a fun ride in the ambulance to the hospital.

Consequences: Spent the whole day in the hospital (even when I was feeling much, much better I had to stay for "observation"), have to get allergy tests and carry around an epi-pen until I know the cause. Um... Ick!!!!!

I do not mean to alarm you, I am really fine. Just annoyed at the yucky day I've had.

The only good things that have come from my day: I saw my father for the first time in months and he brought me fancy chocolate = score! Aand, the ambulance officer was really cute and super nice and spent ages talking to me whilst I was waiting for a bed in the hospital. And he didn't even laugh at me for my ridiculous pyjamas.

So I'm hoping that you have had a bit of a nicer day than me, do feel free to share.

XO Samantha